What is Bikers & Choffers?

Bikers & Choffers is a collaborative platform where you can find and hire bikers and chauffeurs. The platform connects users in need of logistics and transportation services such as: delivery, transfers, excursion etc, to bikers and chauffeurs offering these services.

The goal of the platform is to offer users a complete logistic and transport solution and also to make it easy and affordable for users to find and hire bikers and chauffeur. Now from one place and in just a few clicks, users can find and hire professional bikers and chauffeurs with all kinds of vehicles (bikes, motorbikes, cars, minivans, minibuses and buses) for their logistics and transportation related needs.

What makes us different?

1. Our platform offers a global collaborative directory
What makes us unique from other big names or platforms in the sector is the fact that we are the first and only platform offering a global portal or directory of collaborators (bikers and chauffeurs) with a variety of vehicles. On our platform you can search the profiles of the collaborators by location, vehicle type, etc. The profiles of the collaborators show their services, prices, experiences, reviews, etc. And from their profile pages, you can check their availabilities and book their services directly or request a quote. In addition, it is the collaborators themselves who decide their prices, conditions, etc.

2. Publish your errands or logistics tasks and receive offers
Another important feature offered by our platform is the fact that you can publish your errand or logistics task (also called Gig); errands such as food or grocery delivery, airport transfers or transfers from one point to another, etc. And in a couple of minutes after publishing your gig on our platform, you will start receiving offers from our collaborators. You just have to choose the offer you want, pay and that’s it! The collaborator will execute the gig at the scheduled time.

3. Directory of local businesses (associated partners)
You can also find on the platform a directory of associated partners such as restaurants, supermarkets, shops, pharmacies, touristic apartments, etc. that partner with us. From the partners’ profile pages, you can see details of their services / products they offer, their prices, promotions, etc.

What kind of services can I find or book on Bikers & Choffers?
At Bikers & Choffers you can find or book the following services:

Chauffeuring related services:

  • Airport transfers
  • Point to point transfers
  • Hourly rate (hire per hour) service
  • Excursions
  • Events e.g. wedding etc

Delivery related services:

  • Shopping
  • Delivery; food, groceries etc.
  • Anything you need

What kind of vehicles can I find or book on Bikers & Choffers?
At Bikers & Choffers you can find or book the following vehicles:

  • Bikes
  • Motorbikes
  • Urban cars
  • Classic cars
  • Sports cars
  • Minivans
  • Minibuses
  • Buses

Do I have to pay for using the platform?
No, the platform is completely free for customers. We charge the collaborators just a small fee for every confirmed booking we give to them.

Do the collaborator profiles listed go through any verification process?
Definitely! We take our verification process seriously to ensure trusted collaborators on our portal.

How do I confirm the activation of my account after registering?
For registrations through social networks, account activation is done automatically.
For account activation by Email, after completing all the fields on the registration page, you will receive an e-mail to confirm your account. This e-mail will allow you to confirm the account.

I do not remember my password
You will receive an email with instructions on how you can reset your password.

How can I book a service from a collaborator?
You can book directly on his/her profile page or request a quote. Also, at Bikers & Choffers now you can publish your logistic task (also called gig) like food/grocery deliveries, airport transfers etc. And within minutes you’ll start receiving bids/offers from our collaborators to do the task. All you need to do is accept an offer, pay and you’re good to go!

What guarantees does Bikers & Choffers have on the service?
The collaborators at Bikers & Choffers are ready to perform the services they offer and accept to be valued positively or negatively in their profiles. Here are our guarantees:

  • If the collaborator finally cannot do the job, contact us and we’ll try to find a replacement with a similar profile.
  • If we can’t find a replacement and the fault is from the collaborator, you can process your money back guarantee.

What is a Gig?
A gig is a small task (in this case logistic task) for which an independent contractor is hired, often through a digital marketplace (like Bikers & Choffers), to work on demand. In our case your day-to-day logistic tasks like food/grocery deliveries or going to pickup your medicine from the pharmacy, airport transfers or point-to-point transfers etc.

Can I make an offer in my published gig?
Yes, you can indicate your budget or how much you’re willing to pay for the service. Collaborators can accept your offer or make their own offer.

How long does it take to start receiving bids/offers from collaborators after I publish my gig?
It takes just a few minutes and you will start receiving offers, although it depends on the number of bikers or chauffeurs available in the area.

I have received offers from collaborators, what next?
Select the offer you like best and make the payment and you’re good to go! We will send you the collaborator’s contact details, so you can be in touch with him/her. In-case of any changes you can inform the collaborator directly and copy us as well.

Is the payment gateway secure?
The server used by Bikers & Choffers uses SSL encryption technology and all the payment operations are carried out on secure gateways/platforms: Stripe, Paypal and Redsys.

What happens if I don’t receive offers for my gig?
We will try to find a collaborator for you.

Can I cancel a booking?
Yes. Generally, most collaborators require you contact them 24 hours before the scheduled pickup time in-order to get a full refund, others require 12 hours in advance etc. Each collaborator sets his or her own cancellation policy. Check the collaborator’s cancellation policy on their profile page.

Can I book a collaborator if I need the service immediately?
Yes, though our services are recommended for in-advance bookings as we don’t have a lot of registered collaborators to offer real time services yet. In some cities like Madrid and Barcelona where we have more registered collaborators, you can have a collaborator at the pickup location within minutes. We’re working hard to increase our presence in more cities.

What happens if the collaborator does not arrive at the scheduled time?
If the collaborator does not arrive at the scheduled pickup time, please wait 15 minutes in case your collaborator has not been able to arrive for reasons beyond his/her control (traffic or parking for example). If after this time the collaborator has not yet arrived, please contact us and we will be happy to help you.
Important: If you have agreed with the collaborator to postpone the date, pickup location or make any other changes, please inform Bikers & Choffers to guarantee help later in case of unforeseen events.

What happens if the collaborator definitely does not show up to perform the service?
If the collaborator definitely does not show up, please contact us and we will carry out a series of verifications as to why the collaborator didn’t show up and we will try to look for another collaborator with the same profile to do the job. If we can’t find one then we will refund your money.

What if I am not satisfied with the collaborator or the work done?
We recommend giving an honest opinion on the collaborator’s profile. Remember that we take opinions very seriously and only accept opinions of those who have actually received the service. The purpose of the opinions is to evaluate the price, professionalism, vehicle and attention of the collaborator and obtain data to always propose the most competitive and trustworthy collaborators.
In the event that the work becomes complicated, we recommend reaching an amicable agreement between both parties.

Who bills?
The collaborato. You will receive an invoice from the collaborator after service completion which you can download directly from your account.

For long-term gigs e.g. company/business services, a contract must be made. You can contact us for more details.

Why join Bikers & Choffers?

  • You work for yourself and earn for yourself.
  • You decide when and how you want to work.
  • You decide what service to offer, your price, your conditions etc.
  • You get exposure to thousands of users to our site which implies more sales and more revenue.
  • You quit whenever you want to.

Is it free to join?

Yes, it’s free and pretty easy to join. Signup (click on the signup button and select the option collaborator), fill-out the form, attach all required documents and hit submit. We shall review your application with all the necessary documents. If all is OK, we shall approve your account and that’s it.
Alternatively, you can email us at: with all the required information and documents.

What are the requirements to join?
The requirements may differ slightly in different countries, however the general requirements include:

  • Business registration
  • Taxi or VTC License in the case of chauffeurs
  • Insurance with full cover for the passengers and goods
  • Police report not more than 3 months old
  • Report of regular vehicle checkups

How can I create a profile?
Once your account is approved, it’s time to create a good professional profile for yourself. Creating your profile is pretty easy. Follow these simple steps:

  • Present yourself on your profile with a photo.
  • Create a short profile description about you and why it is worth hiring you.
  • Indicate the COVID-19 safety measures you implement.
  • Write about your experiences, trainings, languages you speak, certificates etc.
  • Showcase your services, prices and offers if available.
  • Add your availability etc.

And that’s it! You’re good to go live and start selling. Ready to join us now? Click here to signup.

Can I post multiple profiles with the same account?
No, our website allows just one profile per account but you can add members to that account. However, if your company has many employees, we recommend you create a profile for each employee as this increases your chances of having more bookings from the several profiles. Also, our review system is individually oriented. We want the employees/collaborators reviewed and not the companies they work for.

What is the profile page booking flow?
Customers select the service they want, choose an available date and time, enter their personal and other details and make payments. You will receive a booking notification by email. The customer will also receive a booking confirmation by email. In case you can not do the service, you will have to contact and inform the customer.

Can customers request quote instead of direct booking?
Yes customers can request a quote from the quote form on your profile page. And if you prefer not to receive direct bookings, you can turn off the booking feature on your profile page.

How does the gig system work?

Apart from the fact that customers can book your services directly on your profile page. Also, customers can publish their gigs or tasks on the platform and you can apply for these gigs and submit your quote. If the customer chooses your offer, you will receive a notification with all the booking details. The customer makes the payment to you. We can also receive the payment from the customer if necessary.

Are there slots to choose?

No, no slots. Work when you want to.

Is there any algorithm used to assign gigs to collaborators?

No, no algorithms. All our gigs are published publicly on our platform and notifications are sent to all collaborators at the same time whenever there’s a new gig. You just have to choose the gig you want to do, and that’s it. Gigs are on a first to select bases.

Is there any penalization for not accepting gigs?

There is no gig assign algorithm hence there is no penalization. Just go to the gig page and select what you want to do.

Do I set my own price?

Yes, you decide your price. And you are free to accept or reject the customer’s price or propose your own price.

Am I an employee of Bikers & Choffers?
No, you are not an employee of Bikers & Choffers. You work and earn for yourself. The platform simply helps you find and connect you to on-demand jobs.

How much does Bikers & Choffers cost?
Bikers & Choffers is free and we only charge a commission when the collaborator completes the gig. Our comission is relative small compared to big names in the sector.

Who receives the payment from the client?
The collaborator. If required, Bikers & Choffers can receive the payment on behalf of the collaborator.

When and how does the collaborator gets his/her payout?
Payouts are done monthly to the collaborator’s bank account. And the collaborator can download a report of all his/her monthly operations.

Who issues an invoice to the client?
The collaborator issues the invoice to the client.

Can I delegate a gig to another collaborator?
Yes, but you need to inform us and the client about such changes.
If you have accepted to do a gig and due to force majeure you will not be able to do it, please inform us and the client as soon as possible so that together we can find a solution for the client.

What happens when a client cancels the booking?
The collaborator has to indicate his/her cancellation policy on his/her profile page and the client will be informed about it. In case of any cancellation, then the cancellation policy as indicated on the collaborator’s profile page will apply.

Can I remove a review from my profile?
No, as long as they are respectful, the opinions will remain on the web. Only customers who have received your services will be able to comment.

Can I deactivate my profile on the platform?
Yes, deactivate your profile under profile settings.

Any prohibitions?
Yes. The collaborator commits to not disintermediate. This means that it is completely forbidden to accept a gig from the same user without that user making the reservation through our website. Any type of disintermediation carries a fine of 3,000€. If you have doubts, we recommend reviewing our terms and conditions.

Have we answered all your questions?

If you have any further questions, doubts, remarks or suggestion please contact us anytime.